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Please Read our Terms & Conditions before opting for our services

Terms & Conditions

The term of use set herein is a legal and enforceable agreement between you and Softcare247, it's in your best interest to browse these Terms and conditions rigorously before you choose any plan on offer from Softcare247, The terms and conditions expressed here offer vital information relating to the use of the services and web site of Softcare247, Once you agree with these Terms and conditions they'd be applicable to any plan you choose as a part of the services from Softcare247, If you do not agree with the Terms and conditions set herein, you'll not subscribe with us as to avail with us your agreement to those terms is necessary to avail our services.



Any software package, material, services, on the Softcare247, web site that's Support@softcare247llc.com. Support or any other content Softcare247, develops and utilizes for internal or external communication is jointly referred to as Content.



An individual representing himself or any small office or corporate who wishes to avail the services of Softcare247, Collectively, is our customer.


Certified Technicians

All technicians that Softcare247, employs and puts on board are jointly referred to as Softcare247, Certified Technicians.



Services you avail by calling our toll-free number provided on our website or though email support@softcare247llc.com.

(1) It's the sole discretion of Softcare247, to modify the scope of service (add new service or delete few services), policys, pricing etc.

(2) Softcare247 also reserves the right to discontinue a service it commits to provide. During such a scenario the customer may be eligible for a refund subject to the terms and conditions of our Refund Policy.


Our Website

Website of Softcare247 Refers to the website located at the domain www.softcare247llc.com



Any content made available on support@softcare247llc.com including blogs, whitepapers, press releases, product guides, datasheets, podcasts, newsletters, etc. Softcare247, holds the copyright for any such material.


Support software Tool

Any bug that you receive to assist us in delivering the services to you within the type of transfer, CD/DVD, Blu-Ray or the other media, through any mode of delivery, is stated to code or support software package tool to be additional precise. Such software package may be the one developed and/or proprietary by Softcare247, It may be any third-party product that Softcare247, have assisted to assist you get. the utilization of such software package is ruled by the license agreement or terms and conditions that accompany the software package, ordering documents, exhibits, and different licensing terms. If such software package isn't amid any terms and conditions, the Terms and conditions set herein would fulfil.



Any service you receive as a part of the plan you have opted for over phone, live chat session, or access. The service is ruled by the Terms and conditions that you just are reading here.

Here's how you'll be able to avail our services:

1. call at the toll-free number provided at Support@softcare247llc.com to connect with our technician.

2. justify issue you're facing along with your desktop, laptop, all-in-one laptop, or the other device.

3. Following your authorization, our technician takes access of your laptop to diagnose the precise reason behind the problem.

4. Then he suggests an idea which will fit your need and is on offer from Softcare247, (Our services will solely be availed if you opt for a plan from us).

5. You provide us the authorization to charge your credit card in advance and become eligible to avail our services. see billing section for additional details. Our services include routine laptop tune up; removal of viruses, malware and alternative security threats; installation or upgrade of all supported operating systems; installation of updates; property of all supported devices and peripherals including printers, scanners, multifunction devices, etc.; resolution of connectivity issues; diagnosis and repair of varied supported third-party security product, browsers, application software package and utilities.

We conjointly might suggest bound third-party product and services for general maintenance of your laptop.

Softcare247, reserves the right to change the plans and scope of services on offer at any time without prior notice.



At any time throughout the call, Softcare247, Certified Technician might take access of your computer to diagnose issues with it and to repair them along with your prior authorization. you are suppose to facilitate the availability of a high-speed internet connection and it's your responsibility to form it accessible to our technician. you furthermore may ought to assist our technician once he tries to diagnose or repair your computer. If you fail to do thus, it'll be considered as a breach of agreement with Softcare247, The procedures to follow, to diagnose and repair your computer are at the sole discretion of our technician and you're required to cooperate with our technician to the most effective of your knowledge.


Support Software Tool

To deliver our services effectively, our technician may:

-> ask for help to download and install a proprietary or third-party software package.

-> Assist you or ask for help to facilitate access via a proprietary or third-party tool.

-> Utilize the proprietary or third-party software package to diagnose and/or repair your computer.

-> Delete or uninstall the third-party software package once the problem is resolved.

-> If you comply with the Terms and conditions declared here it'll be considered as permission from your finish to download and install any Softcare247, proprietary or third-party copyrighted software package support tool.


Commercially Reasonable Effort

Softcare247, Certified Technicians are trained to create best efforts to diagnose and repair a laptop computer, desktop, all-in-one computer, or any connected device or peripheral. However, due to any reason whatever, if our technician is unable to repair issue, you're not at risk of purchase such effort. If, whereas diagnosis a computer, our technician realizes that issue is on the far side the defined scope of support, he might refer you to applicable alternate destination. However, to facilitate access for you is on the far side our scope of support.


User responsibility

In reference to getting the services of Softcare247, you agree that you simply can work with the Softcare247, Certified Technician. Our technician can use commercially affordable efforts to supply the support to you. Our expertise suggests that almost all problems is corrected as a results of shut cooperation between you and therefore the technician. Please listen rigorously to the technician and punctiliously follow his/her directions. you need to additionally make sure that the subsequent conditions square measure true:

a) true giving rise to the question is, duplicable on one system, i.e., one central process unit with its digital computer and different peripherals.

b) you need to have information concerning the hardware of your device, any package concerned, the circumstances close the incident and associated facts.

c) the complete system, together with package and hardware, obtainable|is out there|is on the market|is obtainable|is accessible|is offered} to you and might be created available by you while not limit throughout any phonephone discussions with Softcare247, support personnel.

d) You perceive and agree that Softcare247, shall beneath no circumstance be answerable for any lost or corrupted package or knowledge. Softcare247, powerfully recommends that you simply in the least times maintain an entire knowledge backup and disaster recovery arrange.

e) Before perform any amendment in your laptop, as a security live, Softcare247, Certified Technician shall produce a restore purpose on your laptop. If needed, our technicians will utilize the restore purpose to induce the system back to the condition it absolutely was before they took the session.

f) to take care of clarity on what Softcare247, commits and what the entity delivers to you, all conservations between you and our technicians and every one sessions that our technician takes on your laptop are recorded.


Availability of services

With a vision to serve a wider consumer base, Softcare247, intends to provide 24×7 services in all time-zones in the near future. However, at present our services are available from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, EST from Monday to Saturday. At times, due to system maintenance, or upgrade our services may not be available for a short duration in your time-zone.


Termination of Services

The termination of services is governed by the Softcare247, Cancellation Policy laid underneath. Following the cancellation, all refunds will be governed by the Refund Policy of Softcare247,



The services we offer are ruled by the Terms and conditions declared here and terms specific to the set up order. Adhering to the collective Terms and conditions, Softcare247, Certified Technicians can use commercially affordable effort to deal with your queries. Our technicians can attempt problem identification and resolution through phone, via chat session, access, or through the other appropriate means that. You agree that if access is employed, there'll be no residual software package from the session left on your laptop. but during the time of session; our technicians could install software package on your laptop. Sole purpose of the software package is to create it easier for the client to connect with our support team. All belowtakings under service plans are subject to Softcare247, restricted guarantee, that is ready forth below.



Services you wish to avail from Softcare247, will be available only when advance payment is created to Softcare247, you'll be intimated via phone or mail the precise quantity you would like to pay in office of the services you would like to avail. chargeable amounts against specific plans also are mentioned on the web site of Softcare247, From time to time, Softcare247, introduces discounts on services a client might avail additionally to the regular service on supply. you will be entitled for such a reduction if you avail such service throughout the supply period.


Payment terms and conditions:

The amount includes all applicable taxes.

->You got to build the payments in favor of Softcare247,

->Preferred mode of payment is credit card. (Refer to credit card asking section for more details).

->Authorization of payment for any plan has to be done before you avail our services.

->Certain service plans might also include fees like "service fee" and/or "activation fee".

->A plan order can|which will|that may} be created will contain all payment details including the set up opted for, chargeable ->amount, payment mode, etc.

->No service are going to be rendered if the authorization for the opted plan isn't created in advance.

->Promotional discount is valid until: ✓ The plan expires. ✓ You terminate the plan before its expiry. ✓ -

->You terminate the service required to avail that promotional discount.


Billing:Using Credit Card

Once you opt to avail our services, Softcare247, Certified Technician might ask you to produce your updated credit card information. you'll even be asked to authorize Softcare247, or to place on hold any payment against the plan you've got opted for. you also allow the card institution to clear the payment against the services you've got opted for without requiring a signed receipt from your finish. you also agree that the costs are to be placed before the card institution for clearance against the services you've got opted for. You also could also be needed to authorize that any entity that collects payments or acts as a billing agent for Softcare247, may still arrange to charge or place on hold any full or partial payment until the whole amount is charged against the service you've got opted for. In case you turn to a different card institution whereas there are some partial payments however to be created to Softcare247, against the services you've got opted for, you would like to produce the updated card information to Softcare247, You also agree that neither Softcare247, nor any agency or institution working on behalf of Softcare247, are often held liable for any insufficient funds in your credit card account or for any extra charges you would like to clear as a results of tries Softcare247, or its agencies create to charge or to place on hold any payment against the services you've got opted for.


Billing:Using Debit Card/ E-check/ ACH/ Direct Debit

If you've got given your debit card information rather than credit card information to Softcare247, the entity or any third party working on the behalf of Softcare247, has the authority to charge your debit card all the payments you've agreed to create against the services you have opted for. If you would like to alter the details to a credit card number, you'll be able to do so anytime throughout the plan period. In case you would like to register for ACH, eCheck or Direct debit facility, you would like to produce Softcare247, with the information for constant. All payments are charged against the ACH, eCheck or Direct debit number you've got shared with Softcare247, All payments through debit/credit card also are ruled by the particular terms and conditions set forth by the card institution.



While availing the services from Softcare247, you're in agreement that:

a) You own the computer that you would like to avail the services.

b) you have got the license of the software package you are using thereon.

c) the details you have shared with us including the credit card info are correct to the best of your information.

d) You authorize Softcare247, to charge your debit/credit/account number against the plan you have opted for.

e) you may be asked to enter username and password of your choice when registering with us. it is your responsibility to take care of complete confidentiality of such info.

f) it is your responsibility to bring Softcare247, into confidence if you believe of any unauthorized access of your account

Softcare247, can not be held liable for:

Following the use of our services if by any probability you tend to lose any data, Softcare247, won't be responsible for such loss nor may be held responsible to recover such data, network or software package you have lost.

Softcare247, can not be held responsible for any loss of information you have incurred just in case of any security issue.

You cannot hold Softcare247, or its staff responsible for any hardware malfunction at the time of our session on your computer.

You can conjointly not hold Softcare247, or any of its staff responsible for any special, direct, indirect or important damages or damages ensuing from loss of use, loss of information, revenue, business or profits following the use of our services.

Not with standing something to the contrary in no event shall Softcare247, be susceptible to you in way over the amounts truly paid by you beneath the arrange Order that's the topic of the dispute.


FAIR USE POLICY – Termination of service

Softcare247, reserves the right to terminate the service with previous written intimation under the subsequent conditions:

a) Softcare247, comes to know that the services on offer are getting used by somebody apart from you.

b) you are availing the services on a laptop apart from the one registered with us.

c) Services are getting used to commit fraud or different unlawful activities.

d) You exceed the extent of use fairly acceptable under the irremovable plan.

e) For refund of money under such circumstances, please see the refund policy mentioned underneath.

In case Softcare247, terminates your services before the plan expires, you will be refunded the amount for the days left on pro-rata basis. However, no refund of money would be entertained for the period prior to the incident.

You can also get the services from Softcare247, terminated if you are not satisfied with them. For further details please refer to the cancellation policy.


End User License Agreement

Anytime throughout the period of subscription, the technicians of Softcare247, might install a software package owned by the company or any third-party company, Softcare247, holds the responsibility and therefore the right to update or upgrade the software package. You herewith comply with cooperate with Softcare247, Certified Technicians within the method needed to install, update or upgrade the software package. you furthermore mght agree to use the software package as a part of the tenured service, or to be used with the tenured service you have opted for and not for the other purpose.

In case the end user license agreement (EULA) is accompanied by any third-party software package or proprietary package from Softcare247,, you'll use such software package only as declared within the Terms and conditions mentioned herein. To use the third-party package that forms a vicinity of EULA, you wish to 1st be in agreement with the Terms and conditions declared here.

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